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Recent technological innovations (blockchain, AI etc) and the emergence of new and disruptive business models, products or services are leading to huge value creation opportunities in Africa. These developments favour young and nimble companies and are a potential threat to incumbents.

Large corporates are increasingly partnering with startups to either create solutions that address significant pain points in their industry or to take advantage of an emerging opportunity that requires an innovative technology enabled solution and an independent, agile and entrepreneurial team to execute.

We partner with large corporates to create such new business ventures.


While attractive opportunities are numerous, the African operating environment is challenging. A major key to success is having a trusted partner with a keen understanding of local market peculiarities and a world-class team to execute.

As highly experienced pan-African operators who have worked on some of the continents largest private investments and helped manage some of its most successful companies, we have an extensive local network and deep understanding of what it takes to be successful in Africa.

We partner with international companies seeking to expand existing businesses or build new ventures with significant distribution, technological and operational capabilities in Africa.

If you are looking to expand to Africa or to innovate within your industry, talk to us today. Let's work together to help you move fast.

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